The Tobago Heritage Festival 2013

After three days spent discussing issues of heritage with colleagues and representatives of various Caribbean organizations, including the Trinbagonian state, this article felt like a happy coincidence.

Repeating Islands


Trinidad and Tobago is home to world-famous beaches such as well as the world-famous Carnival, but the dual-island nation also offers interesting choices in heritage tourism and a varied array of cultural events. [Also see previous posts Eco-Tourism in Tobago and its Underwater Carnival and The Tobago Culinary Festival 2013.] From goat races to the Emancipation Day Freedom Walk, the Tobago Heritage Festival offers activities for people of all ages, including food fairs, film screenings, theater productions, music concerts, public lectures, art exhibitions, contests, sports, games, parades, and more.

With more national holidays than almost any other country in the world highlighting the destination’s rich heritage, locals and visitors alike do not have to look very far a reason to celebrate. Colorful costumes, cultural festivities and culinary sensations are always found at island festivals, including the Tobago Heritage Festival, which began yesterday, running from July 12 through August 1…

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