Miami exhibit by Edouard Duval-Carrié reimagines the Caribbean of colonial times

Repeating Islands

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This article by Anne Tschida appeared in The Miami Herald.

The new works from Miami’s Edouard Duval-Carrié that hang in one room at Pérez Art Museum Miami are individually spectacular. As a whole, they make up an art salon that bridges hemispheres and cultures and, not incidentally, forms the most beautiful corner of Miami — at least through the summer.

Duval-Carrié’s work needs no introduction here. His paintings and sculptures have been on display indoors and outdoors for decades, making him one of Miami’s foremost artists. His Haitian roots are always present in his works, usually in telltale tropical colors, but within contemporary frameworks.

The fresh pieces that make up the current show “Imagined Landscapes” are a departure, although the hand behind them is still unmistakable.

Before going into details of the pieces, it needs to be emphasized that the feel, look and ambiance of the entirety of the…

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