Christiane Taubira Compared to a Monkey: Small Fine for the Director of “Minute”

Le racisme en France ne peut être toléré.

Repeating Islands


Last year (13 November 2013) French Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira was subject to several attacks including one slur by the right-wing magazine Minute, which put her on the cover with slogan ‘clever as a monkey’ and used the subtitle ‘Taubira retrouve la banane’ (Taubira finds her banana; banana also means ‘smile’). The Franco-Caribbean politician was also depicted as the face of “Banania”—a brand that traditionally used to use simplistic, insensitive representations of Africans. Now, the director of Minute, Jean-Marie Molitor, was fined 10,000 euros for allowing the circulation of such a crude (yes, racist) depiction.

Samuel Thomas, vice-president of the Anti-Racist Association “Maison des Potes” says that the punishment is laughable and not commensurate with the injury addressed to Taubira or with the damages it inflicts one French society as a whole. [See previous post Christiane Taubira: ELLE’s Woman of the Year.]

Shortly before the release of the ‘clever as…

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